Posted by: kenlam | August 11, 2007

The wedding of Emma and Andrew Brook – Durham, UK

On the 11th August, Saturday, we attended Emma and Andrew’s wedding. We arrived the Ramside Hall in Durham at 9:30am so that I could capture Andrew and Richard (his brother) preparing for the day. At 11:08am, we made our way to St. Michael’s Church. This was followed by a reception at the Ballroom of Ramside Hall. It is quite eye-opening to attend an English wedding; in a Chinese wedding the reception (banquet) is normally held in the evening whereas in an English wedding, it is held at lunchtime. There was also a buffet dinner and dance party at 7:30pm. More people joined the evening do. The wedding was very well organised, and all the guests were dressed beautifully. Emma and Andrew are a beautiful couple, and they are natural in front of the camera lens. Thank you very much for inviting us, we had a great time!


~ At a glance ~

At the aisle.


Emma and Andrew, as husband and wife.


Embracing their wedding guests before the reception began.


A happy mother-of-the-bride.


An emotional moment speech from a father to his daughter.


A father and daughter moment.


The first dance.


~ Locations ~

Ceremony – St. Michael’s Church
Reception – Ramside Hall Hotel & Golf Club

~ The wedding album ~

Click here to view the Highlight-of-the-Day storybook album


  1. Hi Ken,
    You are really great! I always hear from Ling that you are good in photography. Now that I see with my own eyes, I am impressed ! 🙂
    You are even better than some actual day photographer in Malaysia.
    So… why still do IT! 🙂 What a waste, you and Ling can’t attend my wedding…. :S else I can get your help! Anyway, just wanna let you know, I like your photos. They are all very nicely captured.

  2. Hi Siu Leung,
    That’s glad to share your pic. Those pics look very nice. You capture some of the “human” moment. I like it!!!
    Keep Going~~~

  3. Dear Siu Leung,

    I have watched all of the photos and find them the excellent wedding photos that I have watched before. They can show the happiest moment of the special day and they are so natural and so real. Your style is very different from our Chinese type, you know , all the couples in the Chinese type wedding photos are very tired and they have lost their happy face in the middle part of the ceremony because they need to stand in the restaurant for more than 3 hours in order to take all the photos with their relatives….

    All of the pictures is filled of joyous and happiness. How can you capture these? Do you need to do some preparation before, let say walk around the church and the hall in order to find the most perfect angle? I really love your pictures. I think your friends should be very satisfy with the pictures, right?

    Are you looking for the same style of photos in your wedding ceremony? Do you think your parents will accept this if you don’t take the photos with their relatives one (group) by one (group)?

    Do you mind if I redirect your mail to Miss Chung and Agnes (my youngest sister)?

    Miss Chow

  4. Hey Ken,

    Cool, very great and professional pictures from you! You really did an excellent job, I did not think that your photography skill has improved so much! You captured the couple and other people’s smile very good. All the pictures are natural, I like those snap shot that you took, unbelievably great! If there are 100 marks for this wedding picture, I’ll give you 100 marks, that’s true and not over a compliment! I think you can be a part time wedding photographer! I start worrying that you will be picky to your wedding photographer because you could do a so good job!

    I love those pictures, very impressive! Thanks for sharing them to me!


  5. Anil Solanki said 2 days ago:

    Hi Ken,

    I really enjoyed looking through your work my friend. You’ve definately got the professional touch. Maybe i’ll let you be the photographer at my wedding some day hehehe.

    I’ve still got that amazing large photograph you gave to me of Tyne Bridge, just haven’t made the effort to frame it yet.

    Keep up the good work.

    Anil Solanki

  6. Hi Ken,

    Your photo’s style so nice. I really like it so much! You can catch all the happy and touching moment in the photos!
    My big date is 22/11/ you have time on that day to be my wedding shooting photographer? Actually, I really hope my wedding photo can show every happy moment, I think you can do it well! I also leave a message in ESD life too!Please contact me…Thanks^^
    My e-mail: samdogdog(at)

  7. Hello Everyone,

    It is great to receive your comments and support. I always ask myself whether I can take good wedding photos. Your comments helped me prove that I can do it. And they are always valuable to me because you keep me motivated in the world of photography.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Ken,

    It’s a great wedding with great photography which all took by you. I feel happy and just want to say, “You are GREAT!”. Beautiful photos with a nice background songs in flip album….what’s a wonderful memorial time!

  9. Hi Ken,

    thanks for sharing your photo’s. You took some beautiful pictures! Your friends Emma and Andrew and their guests looked so happy. Loved the ones of everyone laughing and smiling and not looking directly into the camera, its so natural. Your friends must be very pleased with the album.

  10. Ken,

    You are right, you have totally managed to “capture the moment” as well as every smile. Your friends have these to treasure forever.

    I’d recommend you to anyone getting married.

    Keep up the great work.


  11. You’ve got a good instinct of capturing moments. The moments which people do not normally notice, yet so beautiful. You know how to put people into the frame, and also other objects (dining silverware). I like the picture with the couple holding hands in fromt of the priest. That would be the sacred moment. Personally I would like to see more photos without people, such as a bouquet or other objects to reflect it’s a wedding.

    Nice pictures. I can’t wait to see more from you!

  12. Ken,

    I just had to write to you since your recent wedding photo-shoot was remarkable for the following reasons:

    1) The church is in Houghton le Spring – where i live (less than 1/2 mile from my home)
    2) I too had my wedding reception at the ramside! althought it was 25 years ago!
    3) The photographs were excellent and well up to your usually very high standards.
    4) The web album feature is very good and i bet the couple love it!

    So, well done! and i bet you enjoyed the day too…

    Drop me an email (or call me) the next time you’re in the Gateshead area, on a lunctime, and you can come and try out my new baby… just bought a Canon 70 – 200 f2.8 IS L and it is simply awesome… thought it does weigh almost 4 kg!



  13. Hi Ding,

    You are right. I do have some photos which I captured for example, “gifts”. I will add them on to the gallery later on. Thank you very much for your valuable comment.


  14. My opinion: You have a great talent for wedding photography (and more!). All interesting moments are shown and the positioning in the pictures is good (sometimes a bit the 3:2 rule could slightly improve pictures). The only thing which can be added is some pictures during private life of the two before the wedding. But that’s not really wedding pictures then 🙂

  15. Hi Ken,
    I just want to say a massive thank you to you and Shirley for all your hard work in capturing moments of our wedding. The photos are all fantastic and will remind us of what was an amazing day for years to come. You have a great talent and i would highly recommend you to anyone.
    Thank you again
    love from
    Mrs. Emma Brook!

  16. Hi Ken,

    They are all awesome and I have strong confidence that they are a good start for you to think about your plan in future. Anyway, I will support you.

    Looking forward to seeing you in your wedding in HK. My family stand by you.



  17. The photos are lovely and are a great representation of a lovely day.

    Well done Ken, you’re a natural at finding the best views of a situation

    Kindest regards

  18. You are really a pro.

  19. Ken,
    The photo’s are great and it is nice to see some more natural wedding snaps for a change as sometimes they can seem forced after people have been posing for a while. You have talent and I wish you luck with your ‘hobby’ !! (You could make a living out of this I am sure of it!
    Well done! 🙂

  20. Hi Ken,

    Beautiful photos, great composition, nice angles, wonderful expressions captured… Good photographer… I enjoyed looking at the photos!! I’m sure you made the couple’s day! 🙂

    Keep it up. One day you’ll be well-known internationally. I think you already are. =D Keep on posting.

    Can I share these with my friends?


  21. Hi Ken

    a great set of pictures you really captured the mood of the day good use of black & white.

    You’ve certainly got a future doing this for living.

    well done mate keep it up.


  22. Hi Ken,

    You are very great! The photos are very nice. You have captured a wonderful moments. All the photos that I have never seen before. It is very different from Chinese style wedding photos. I like it.
    Besides, the web album feature is also very good. I am looking forward to seeing more.

  23. Hey, Siu Leung,

    You are talented! Keep going! Take more beautiful pics and share with us!! you better get a pro as you for your own wedding!!!

    All the best!

  24. Ken,

    You have captured the moments of my wedding with amazing clarity and sensitivity.
    It was a brilliant day and we’ll remember that when we look back at these pictures for years to come.

    It was an honor to have you as our photographer, Shirley and yourself have worked very hard, on the day and also afterwards.

    The pictures speak for themselves, but If ever anyone requires further proof of your professionalism, dedication and talent, point them in my direction! 🙂

    Many many thanks,

  25. Hey Ken,

    Finally got round to looking at these wedding pics, sorry it took me so long.

    These photos are amazing! Well done Ken! You have a talent for capturing fleeting memorable moments and people’s feelings in the photo. That’s such a hard thing to do – especially at weddings when there is so much going on and many people present! Some of the photos even made me really happy and teary even though I don’t know the couple at all (Congrats to you Emma and Andrew if you’re reading 😀 )! Do you print and bind photos into albums yet?! :p

    take care Ken, speak soon.
    love, su xxx

  26. Hello Ken,

    It’s amazing and lively photos taken on emma and andrew wedding. It’s show moment of happiness and emotions,
    and it show your sincerity and passion about photographing.
    Wish u all the best ^_^

  27. Its excellent Photos. These are the moments which never come back in the life and if you captured these moments, happiness and emotions with Photos, you can remember it in all your life. Ken, its an excellent effort from you.

    Well Done!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ken, they are great photos!!! i wanted to cry when scanning them thru….what a touching moment!!..i really cant wait to see yours up on the site now.

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