Posted by: kenlam | March 25, 2008

The Heart of Hadrian’s Wall

During this Easter holiday, I managed to find time to do something else apart from editing client’s photos. Of course, I wouldn’t forget to carry the camera (my second wife)! We drove 50 mins to the place called Hadrian Wall (Western Great Wall of China). Although, the weather wasn’t nice, I managed to captured some Landscape photos. If there was a wedding couple in the scene, it would be perfect shot of the day. 🙂








Hadrian’s Wall was constructed over a period of six years by order of the Emperor Hadrian, who came to Britain in AD 122. According to one of Hadrian’s Roman biographers it was built to ‘separate the Romans from the Barbarians’ a feat it achieved for over 250 years. Today, the area between South Shields and Ravenglass is studded with forts, milecastles, temples and turrets. These 2000 year-old remains are brought brilliantly to life by museums, reconstructions and fascinating visitor centres, all with something different and all waiting to be discovered (ref: the Hadrian Wall Official website). For more information of how to get there, please visit


  1. Although the weather wasn’t nice your pics are superb!

  2. Great photos!
    I did the foolish thing to walk along the whole of Hadrian’s Wall:

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