Posted by: kenlam | August 26, 2008

Gloria & Johnny – Engagement photoshoot in London

Gloria and Johnny is a wonderful couple and very down to earth. Gloria is a teacher and Johnny is a doctor from HK. Johnny contacted me nearly the end of July and asked for the possibility of a pre-wedding photo shoot in London. I thought we would not be able to make it as the schedule was tight and I had to quickly find a train ticket to travel down to London. After 3 days of emailing, we successfully made this trip. Johnny is a good organiser who planned everything so well. The photo shoot began after they finished their Europe trip. They were travelling from Paris to London that morning. It was funny that we had to meet up at the EuroStar train station and they were already dressed up when they arrived in London and looked very energetic! What a fantastic couple. During this trip, there was a big surprise from Johnny. He wanted to surprise Gloria and gave her the engagement ring during the photo shoot. Very romantic person. Anyway, I don’t know how he could have hidden the ring throughout the Europe trip. I feel so honoured to be able to witness this precious moment in their life. Thank you Johnny for giving me this opportunity to capture this moment.

You can feel how confident Gloria is from this photo…I love this shot a lot.

London Tower Bridge

Dancing in front of the Tower of London

Johnny suddenly kneeled down and gave her the engagement ring. It was a touching moment.


  1. it is amazing!
    Look nice and natural!!

  2. hahaha..

    gloria looks so pretty ar =]

    i feel so happy for her!

  3. Fab photos Ken 🙂

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  4. That’s nice~~~
    This couple looks very happy and they r so sweet sweet!!!

  5. Beatiful pics!!! Congratulations again Gloria and Johnny!

  6. A million thanks to Ken who produced this masterpiece! Thanks for all your arrangement throughout plus that little secret! Truly exceptional!

  7. Ken, thanks for taking such wonderful photos for us. I love them all and so do my friends. Many of my friends ask me for your contact. 🙂
    Once again, thank you for your arrangement. We did have a great time with you.

  8. Pictures look fantastic Ken!

  9. excellent photos
    fabulous sites
    sweet feelings

    congratulations to both of you!

    hey bro, you look smart!

  10. Big congratulations to you, Gloria! You look very x 100 times beautiful! The photos are fantastic and you2 are so sweet!

    All the best to you and Johnny!

  11. Sooooo SWeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wah~~~
    so pretty, Gloria.
    I love the 1st and 7th.

  13. Johnny and Gloria, u two looks really great and sweet in the pictures!

    And Ken is capable in capturing the sweetest moment! wonderful pictures!

  14. Thanks Johnny and Gloria, everyone, I enjoyed this photo shoot as well 🙂

  15. Gloria, Congratulations.
    I can feel that you’re really happy. ENJOY~
    All photos are NICE~

  16. wonderful! very beautiful photos.

  17. It’s amazing.

    So nice.

    Happy for U, Gloria ^.^

  18. wow!!! Gloria you look so beautiful and TALL!

  19. Congratulations Gloria and Johnny! What a good idea to take wedding pic in London.

    Both of you are so sweet and all the pics are nth more than excellent.

    🙂 I like the one with London Eye most.

  20. Woo~~ What lovely photos you and Gloria have!!!! Your photographer, Ken is gorgeous too. The pics are excellent!!!! Congratulations!!! All the best to you!!

  21. MISS CHIU!

  22. thank you for your sharing. I feel very happy in these photos. 🙂

  23. wow.. gorgeous..

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