Posted by: kenlam | September 22, 2008

Fiona and Selwyn – Engagement/Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Prague, Czech Republic

Fiona_Selwyn-409 by you.

Pre-wedding/Engagement Photoshoot location:  Prague City Centre

Dress: Dorian Ho

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Fiona and Selwyn are such an organised couple.  They have done excellent preparation for this photo shoot in Prague.  Everything was arranged before I arrived.  e.g. vintage car, restaurant that they wanted to photoshoot at, main attractions.  Fiona also managed to do her own hair and make up as well.  They made me feel so welcome during this trip in Prague.  I wish you both all the best in your wedding next year.  Here are the photographs.

When I saw the circle, I thought it is great to ask Fiona to stand in the centre.  light source coming through the windows created this effect.

In this shot, they were actually telling me to capture the greeting message they wanted to give to their friends.  Suddenly, they showed me this paper.  I felt so surprised and touched when they thanked me through this way.

Fiona and Selwyn, thanks once again for your arrangement.  Hope to see you both in Newcastle in Oct.

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  1. Once again some lovely pictures, love the night shots!

  2. hey ken,

    Another good piece of work. I really like each of these photos… really romantic. Best wishes to the couple.


  3. How nice it is.
    You had capture the couple and the environment perfectly.
    All the places look beautiful~~~

  4. Fantastic images – you must be very pleased!

  5. very nice locations, and you ‘ve captured it in the photos.

  6. I like the cricle one very much…just like those elegant scenes that I would normally see in films

  7. Thanks Ken,

    Thanks for your hardwork and lovely photos. We love the photos as well as the processes (although it was freezing in Prague!). It was a memorable experience for us. We look forward to seeing the other photos but take your time.

    Hope to see you and Shirley in HK soon.

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  9. 呢輯相真係好靚~ 一直好想o係海外影多輯pre-wedding相, ~ 好高興o係呢到見到你的blog~ 有機會好想找你替我們影相喔~

  10. thx for your comment. It was my client who took me there. I think it is the museum


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