Posted by: kenlam | January 23, 2009

Viridis and Francis – Manchester Pre-wedding/Engagement Photo shoot

Manchester Prewedding - Ken Lam Photography - Viridis and Francis by you.

One of my favourite shots of the day.  The man standing on the right-hand side was very curious to see what they up to.  Guess where was this picture taken?

While we were walking around the Manchester City centre, Shirley noticed this vibrant orange banner.  I immediately knew how to place them in the photo.  The website link was originally on the orange backdrop, but I thought it’d be better to change it to something more positive 🙂 as most of the UK banks are not doing very well due to the Credit Crunch!

It has been a while since I post any wedding photographs.  As I have been so busy clearing the backlogs, therefore, I got to focus!

This is the last pre-wedding assignment in 2008.   It was only a month before this pre-wedding that I received a phone call from Viridis regarding her plan to have a pre-wedding in December, in Manchester.  By the way, this was also my first time working with clients from Singapore.  Initially, I thought we were going to meet in June, 2009.   However, they chose to split the pre-wedding session into 2 separate days, and have some night shots done 6 months before hand.  My first reaction over the telephone was : “aren’t you both afraid of the cold and short day light?!”

Then I understood why.  In winter, there is short day light, which means more time to capture night scenes!  Viridis says that if they shoot the night scenes in June, they will have to wait until at least 22:00 🙂   Hence the separate pre-wedding sessions, starting with night photoshoot in December, followed by the day photoshoot in June.

Another interesting thing that I want to share is…

During the conversation, I told Viridis that I am not familar about the places in Manchester.  I have only been to Manchester Chinatown a few times.  I asked why Manchester, and not other places in UK?

Viridis said: This is the place that we have been studying for over 2 years, and the place where we met, so we would love to have some photographs taken for our memory. So we’ll have no regrets before going back for our wedding in Singapore!

Francis on the other hand has told me that he is not keen on being photographed.  Then I asked: so why do a pre-wedding photoshoot then?  He answered: “I want to take some wedding photographs in Europe.  In the future, I will be able to share our happiness and show our children what we looked like when we were young”.  That is so touching 🙂  Francis is a true romantic.

Viridis and Francis are very smart students from Singapore.  During our dinner at night, Viridis mentioned that she had represented Singapore to participate the 2005 World Skills competition in Helsinki, Finland.  Although, I have never heard of what this competition is.  I was stunned at that time.

I said:  You must be a very talented person working with PC and Networking.  Viridis also explained to me what is IPv6 (IP address v6) 🙂 .  Wow!  When I came home, I was curious what World Skills competition is, and made a search on Google.

“The history of skills competitions was rewritten.  A young lady beat 19 other competitors of a traditionally male-dominated trade area to bring home not only the Gold Medal, but also the coveted Albert Vidal prize for the best score in the entire WorldSkills Competition 2005″

Amazing.  It is because of my photography job that I get to meet people from different cultures and hear their stories.  For me, it is very interesting to meet new friends and hear what they have achieved in life  :).  I think it is very inspiring.

Manchester Prewedding - Ken Lam Photography - Viridis and Francis by you.

Very crowded Christmas Market in Manchester, UK.  I had to squeeze passed those tourists as they were enjoying their German beer!!!  Haha.   So, I was pleased to manage to take some photos.

Manchester Prewedding - Ken Lam Photography - Viridis and Francis by you.

Manchester Prewedding - Ken Lam Photography - Viridis and Francis by you.

I love this natural smile from Viridis.  I am sure Francis love her smile a lot.  Viridis and Francis did a lot of preparation for this photoshoot. Viridis brought along 2 stunning evening dresses, and Francis with two smart suits to change into.  Viridis also had her bridal hair done in a hair salon and make-up done at Shu Uemura make-up counter that morning.  Superb planning.

Manchester Prewedding - Ken Lam Photography - Viridis and Francis by you.

Another favourite shot of the day!

Manchester Pre-wedding/Engagement Photo shoot - Viridis and Francis by you.

Thank you Shirley for taking this picture for us. How come my eyes bags were almost the same size as my eyes!  I can’t fool myself to edit them out 🙂


  1. good job!
    I like the pic taken at night, especially the bridge as backgroun.
    u need to take care. As u said, your eye bags are reli terrible~~~

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