Posted by: kenlam | February 6, 2009

Ken Lam – Top 20 in the international AGWPJA 2008 Contest

I feel so happy to share this news with you.   Two months ago, I submitted several pictures to the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AGWPJA) 2008 Q3 contest. It was my first time participating in this contest.  The AGWPJA is for photographers who produces Fine Art Photojournalism.  Out of my expectation, two of my photographs were ranked Top 20.   I am very excited about this news as there were many excellent photos submitted from all over the world.

This photo below was taken at the Wedding of Sum Yee and Adrian in the China Boulevard restaurant in London ranked 14th Place in Reception Ambiance  category – AGWPJA Q3 2008 contest.  After an hour family photos, I was exhausted.  I went upstairs to pack my luggage to ready to leave at 10:40 pm as I know that it would take me 6 hours drive to Newcastle 😦 .  I was surprised to see that almost everyone was holding a camera (mostly camera phone) to capture their First Dance.   So I immediately took my camera up to capture a few shots. 🙂

Ken Lam Photography, Newcastle wedding photographer,London wedding photographer by you.

To view their wedding post, please click here.

The other photograph ranked 18th Place in Creative Portrait category – AGWPJA Q3 2008 contest, shown below was taken at the Prague pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot for Fiona and Selwyn . Click here or photo below to see the judges’ comments.   When I shot this photograph, I was so amazed to see the artistic circular marble flooring with three natural light sources (from the sun) coming in from those large ceiling windows.  I then instructed Fiona to stand right in the centre as there were many tourists just 5 minutes ago.  Luckily, I am not a bad runner.  I quickly ran 100 metres, up to the 2nd floor and also making sure that there were no one getting into the scene.  Here is the result:

Ken Lam Photography, Newcastle Wedding photographer, Prague prewedding/engagement by you.

There are a few people whom I would like to say thank you.

Thank you very much Sum Yee, Adrian, Fiona and Selwyn for inviting me to capture one of your best moments.

Thank you to my family and friends in Hong Kong and UK.  Without your great support and advice, I don’t think I would have gone this far.


  1. Congratulations to you Ken.

  2. Congratulations Ken. Well deserved recognition I’d say.

  3. Congratulations !!! Well Done !!!!!

  4. See, I knew it – I always knew you could do it Ken. That’s a fantastic achievement. You are destined for greater things in life. Well done!!

  5. Congratulations and well done Ken! You are just simply amazing! x

  6. Congratulations Ken! Well Done! Keep up your great work! Thanks for the photos, received them when I arrived from Australia. They are lovely! Thanks again!

  7. Ken, I am proud of you! You are a very talented photographer! Life is not just about the amount of breath that you take, but it is about the “MOMENT” that takes your breath………you have created & captured all “THAT MOMENT”. I believe those couples must have felt very LUCKY to have you as their wedding photographer!!!

  8. Well deserved – well done Ken!!

  9. Thank you everybody for your kind comments. They are very much appreciated.

    Your support and motivation keeps me doing what I do everyday.

  10. Do you know what Angels are? Angels are high spiritual beings who come from the heart of God & their purpose is to send Love & lift people’s souls..Your work is beyond just a Wedding Photographer..I believe the divine blueprint in yr life is actually showing people Love, Patience & Beauty through yr work..

    Well done Ken..!!

  11. Congratulations !!! Good Job!

  12. Kk, don’t know what to say 🙂 but thank you
    Dm, many thanks for your wishes

  13. Leung, your pictures are amazing! I’m so proud of you and your works! Congratulations to you and Ling (the one working hard behind the scenes too) !!!

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