Posted by: kenlam | February 7, 2009

Wendy and Phi – Wedding photo slideshow for wedding at Greenwich, London

It has been a while since I updated my blog.  Sorry everyone.  This is the wedding photo slideshow of Wendy and Phi.  I still remember everything that happened on their big day.

Everywhere they went, I was so close to them.   Therefore, I had many opportunities to capture their moments.  It was a two-day job, Day One being the Civil Ceremony + pre-wedding photoshoot, and the Day Two being the Chinese Tea Ceremony (an important ceremony in a Chinese Wedding) + followed by the evening reception.

As it was a 2-day photoshoot, it was physically quite demanding, but I enjoyed every second of it because Wendy and Phi were very co-operative for the pre-wedding potoshoot near Tower Bridge.  I still remember that it was around -1°c but they could still endure an hour of photoshoot.  Special mention also goes to San and Mai for being great assistants!  

At the Civil Ceremony, Wendy broke down into tears of joys as the registrar was about to annouce them as “husband and wife”.  The moment moved me enormously but I carried on photoshooting for it was a shot not to be missed.

Wedding reception: Peninsula Chinese Restaurant – Greenwich, London



  1. Ken,

    Once again you have done a great job. We love the slideshow.

    Thank you!

    Wendy & Phi

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