Posted by: kenlam | July 20, 2009

Joy & Tears

I am happy that wedding assignments has brought me to Paris, Venice, Rome, Cambridge, London and Spain so far.  It is not about the places I’ve been.  It is about having the opportunities to capture all the gorgeous couples in these wonderful locations.  I’ve got to say that every couple is unique.  Thank you for giving me the chances to witness one of your important moments in life.  You guys have given me lots of Joy and Tears in many occasions.  I am happy to see couples saying their vows to each other.  I have to admit that  sometimes it is really really hard for me to hold by my tears too.

Below are some of the wedding photographs that I took in June.  Enjoy.  I promise you will see some more.

Yvonne & Simon - pre-wedding in ParisBride in Paris

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  1. Dear Ken,
    We’re so happy to see one of our photos! Thanks so much! We really like it and appreciate your work.
    I hope you’re not working too hard seeing you uploading photos at 6 in the morning.
    Take care.
    Yvonne and Simon

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