Posted by: kenlam | August 21, 2009

Lisa & Glenn – Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

Lisa is from Newcastle originally and Glenn is half Dutch, half English.  Their story of how they met is a unique one – they did not meet in UK; but in Bahrain where they both work, a lovely country with a great sunshine.  They planned this great wedding remotely from Bahrain!

We only met each other a few days before the wedding day as Lisa & Glenn have been looking at my website from Bahrain and even the booking was done over the internet.  Lisa is such a great organiser, as she is the Event Organiser for the Formula One (F1) in Bahrain – I still remember at our meeting, Lisa shared with me her experience of meeting Janson Button and Lewis Hamilton and what they are like in person!  On the other hand, Glenn is the Chief Security Officer for an investment bank in Bahrain.  So between the two of them: Lisa’s organisation & Glenn’s contingency plans make this wedding planned from abroad a successful event!

I also have to say that Close House Hotel is a fantastic wedding venue, it is in my opinion, one of the best wedding venues to host a wedding as it creates a feeling of cosiness, warmth yet very classy feel for a wedding.  I was so moved by the speeches, atmosphere, the fantastic first dance by Lisa and Glenn (great ballroom dancing technique, Lisa was injured at the time but didn’t look like it at all!) the dance between the daughter and father, the live music from two of beautiful bridesmaids.

This was a perfect wedding.

Wedding venue/ceremony:

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

Lisa had a glass of champagne before the wedding to calm nerves.

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

Bridesmaids, mother of bride, and Lisa – have all colour-coordinated outfits.  Simply beautiful.

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

The groom – Glenn getting ready.

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

What a crowd!  Group shot taken outside Close House hotel, Northumberland.

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

“I only have eyes for you”, says Lisa.

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

Lisa & Glenn’s first dance.

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle

Lisa & Glen - Wedding at Close House Hotel, Newcastle



  1. Arranging our wedding remotely from 3252 Miles away was always going to be a challenge and finding a great photographer was one of our top priorities. Living in Bahrain and getting married in Newcastle (my home town) with no personal recommendations to go on Glenn and I scoured wedding magazines and the internet and drew a short list up of photographers in the area that caught our eye. We looked at all of these links independently of each other and were both drawn to Ken’s website- the magical quality and energy of his work jumps out of every photograph and that’s how we wanted our special day to be recorded. We were surprised that our very differing tastes and personalities had come to the same conclusion-we wanted Ken as our photographer! We contacted Ken and were delighted when Shirley- Ken’s delightful wife got in touch to tell us that Ken was available. I met Shirley in May and got to see more of Kens stunning work and left the meeting knowing we had made the right choice. Glenn and I only met Ken himself a couple of days before the wedding with Shirley in Newcastle and discussed our wedding plans. We were not planning a formal wedding and did not want to have endless ‘stuffy’ group shots… we wanted our pictures to be true memories and representations of the day and from what we have seen so far that’s exactly what we have got and more! On the day Ken was amazing-his infectious energy was boundless and his creativity was beyond belief… Of the many highlights of the day- one was seeing my wedding dress suspended in mid air on a crystal chandelier, floating in the breeze and seeing the interaction between Ken and our 3 bridesmaids as they were getting ready. Our delight was seeing everyone feeling so at ease with Ken and his camera and later in the day Glenn telling me that Ken had showed him just a few shots and they were truly amazing… We would and have already recommended Ken to anyone who truly wants the emotion and excitement of a day in their life captured in a picture. The energy and emotion that Ken can capture is truly magical!

    Lisa & Glenn

  2. Great photography, I especially love the outdoor crowd shot, its excellent 🙂

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