Posted by: kenlam | January 3, 2010

Zeta & Bryan – Pre-wedding/Engagement in Rome

After finishing the photoshoot in Prague with Zeta & Bryan, we then had a second photoshoot in Rome.  It was just as enjoyable as in Prague.  Rome as always has beautiful weather and everywhere you look there are historical landmarks!

Zeta & Bryan - Rome, Italy

Zeta & Bryan - Rome, Italy



  1. Hi Ken,

    It is lovely to meet you again in HK! We love both the Prague and Rome prewedding photo very much. You just never disappoint us and we can see a lot of passion and effort put in every piece of your work. I still miss our shooting days in Europe, it was really happy and enjoyable! All the best to your family and thank you so much again ^^

    Zeta & Bryan

  2. The colours are so nice. It makes my heart flutters.

  3. hi ken.
    Can you informed me about camera that you use, also lens that you use for picture number 2.
    the picture look very nice.

  4. Hi Lombok, nice to meet you here.

    I use 5D MKII to shoot and the lense I think it was Canon 16-35mm 2.8L. Remember, it is not about the lense.. it is about how you create the moment for the couple

  5. […] months ago, I had an opportunity to photograph Alexis and Brain from Hong Kong.   I got to thank Zeta and Brain (who I photographed in Rome and Prague) for your referral and everyone on the day who helped during […]

  6. Ken – where do you find such beautiful people to photograph! I love the last picture. Wonderful photographs as always X

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