Posted by: kenlam | April 28, 2010

Sumana & Daniel – Wedding at Slaley Hall, Northumberland

This time, I had the opportunity to photograph an Indian wedding which was held in Slaley Hall, Northumberland. It was a truly magical and colourful wedding which was organised by Sumana & Daniel.  I love every single moment during these two-day event.   The most touching moment was to hear the speeches prepared by Sumana’s father and Daniel.  Of course, all the other happy moments are still very vivid in my mind.  However, it is very hard to write everything in the blog.  I think it is better to show it through the photographs below.

I feel very privileged and honoured to be part of the wedding and thank you very much to the both of you for being such a wonderful couple.  You both had given me lots of memorable moments.  Thank you once again.

After Sumana and Daniel came back from their honeymoon, I was surprised to receive an email from them below.


Firstly I would like to give a very big thank you to you for your services on the wedding days.  You had one of the biggest jobs on the day and both Sumana and I think you did an awesome job.  Providing some images for the Saturday night was also great.  Many people have commented to us about the great way you organised the guests and it was another really positive thing about they day as a whole.  Thank you very much indeed

Daniel & Sumana



  1. Ken these are wonderful thank you, you have captured our day prefectly and I really like that we are all laughing and look so happy during the reception. I must add that indian weddings can be very hectic and as it was your first you did an amazing job. Thank you so much. Best wishes Sumana

  2. Love the background music! Great job!

  3. Hi Ken, this one really touched my heart! I felt all the happiness there is in the air.

    Everyone is so beautifully captured and the music goes perfectly with it.

    Absolutely amazing…I love them.

  4. Hi Ken, these photos are amazing! I have yet to be less than impressed and in awe of your talent. The wedding looks great in these shots, you really capture the atmosphere of the day and I kind of feel like I experienced it too even though I don’t know the couple at all! 😀 x

  5. The photos are really eye-catching!!! Great job!

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