1. Ken, where are you based in?
I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

2. How many years of photography experience do you have?
I have started my passion in photography since 10 years ago.

3.  What will I expect from you on the wedding day?
I work unobtrusively, my style is photojournalistic/reportage so I capture you when you are most natural.

4.  What about traditional photographs then?
I usually ask the couple to prepare a list of group photographs that they want taken e.g. with their immediate families, followed by relatives, friends, colleagues.  This usuallly takes around 40 minutes.  I also recommend picking a person to help organise the groups together as they will know the couple’s wedding party more than I do.

5.  We have not been photographed professionally before.  Will you show us how to pose during our wedding day photoshoot?
Sure!  I enjoy interacting with the people whom I photograph, sometimes the couple will ask if they can do a pose of their choice, together we may discover new and refreshing poses, which may create extraordinary shots.

6.  What is a pre-wedding, post-wedding or engagement photoshoot?
A pre-wedding is the same as an engagement photoshoot.  It is a photography session where a couple gets dressed up, mostly in their wedding outfits,and poses at a location of their choice for a day.  A pre-wedding session happens before their wedding day, a post-wedding session happens after their wedding day.

7.  Do you do weddings abroad / destination weddings?
Yes.  Apart from weddings in England, I have photographed weddings in Prague, Rome, Venice, Paris, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Scotland.

8.  Could you let us know regarding any additional charges that we need to be aware of if we wanted to have a pre-wedding in a European city, such as Paris, Prague, Santorini, London or Venice?
Our coverage includes the cost of flight and accomodation for me.  So the only additional costs are my travel (cost of taking taxi/metro) and food expenses while we are at the photoshoot location.  To obtain information on pre-wedding prices, please contact me using the Contact Us page, or e-mail us at the e-mail address supplied below.

For further questions, please feel free to contact me at info@kenlamphotography.com

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