Hello! I’m Shirley – Ken’s wife, or in Ken’s words, I am the ‘boss’ (he knows deep down that I’m not!).  Well this evening, after putting our little son to bed, I have come up with an idea for Ken’s blog.  I would like contribute my little thoughts onto this blog.   I don’t know about you, but I think a blog of a photographer should not just restrict its contents purely on photography… agree?

Everyday we come across different people, experiences and lessons in life, so I’d love to share all of these with you all who have come to our blog, and hopefully this will also let you get to know us more.  Therefore from now on (*drums rolls*), when you see articles entitled : “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, they are written by me.  Yup, just by me.  I want to keep them short, sweet and simple, somewhat casual.  There will also be some photographs taken during our (very little) spare time, and with a snippet of photography tip by Ken.  I will make sure Ken won’t get carried away with using too many F-words (not the swear word!  but the F values in camera terms).

This afternoon, we went to meet a couple who are planning a rather grand-scale 250 people wedding at Slaley Hall.  What they shared with us is a simple fact, so simple yet easily forgotten.  Before meeting us, they have already drawn up a short-list of some really excellent photographers in the region (because the bride herself is a photography hobbyist) but none of them suited their criteria.  The groom told us that the photographers they met have come across aloof and like to think that they are the person IN CHARGE and that they are all high & mighty, super-dooper photographer and so they know it ALL already.  And because of that, no matter how amazing their photographs or portfolio are, this couple have not chosen them.

Well although they have not told us of their decision to book us or not, I think this is a lesson for us all.  We may think that we are good in what we do, but who’s to say that?  There is a Chinese Proverb that goes like this: “For every mountain, there is always another higher one out there”.

In the meantime, talking of food, here is a photo of one of my proudest moment as a mother: when I saw Karl holding his first piece of bread (it is a very small piece so it is not obvious in the photo) and putting it into his mouth, all by himself.  It is such a basic human reflex that we take for granted day in and day out, but this development milestone is a beautiful moment and it gives me some sort of sense of achievement!

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: This was taken at the Bewickes Restaurant at Close House Hotel, a very cosy and beautiful restaurant.  The food is top-class and has been rated as The Best Restaurant in North East 2009 by the Gourmet Society.  It was quite dark in the restaurant, so Ken moved the tealight on the table to the centre to light up our faces.  In a dark environment, when you do not have your professional lights with you (who does anyway?!), try using a little creativity.  Tealights, torch (if you have one) all works well.  These images were shot at 1/50 sec at f1.2, ISO2000, without flash.

Well, that’s all guys.  I’d love your feedback on this post, concept of the FOOD FOR THOUGHT series, or any suggestions on what other articles you would like to see on the blog.  Have a great week ahead!


After turning down the opportunity to photograph several weddings at the beautiful Matfen Hall in Northumberland last year  (I took a month off work because I wanted to witness the birth of our first child Karl),  I had been waiting for the day where I would get another chance to photograph a wedding there.

So when the lovely Fiona & Richard asked me to be the photographer for their wedding at Matfen Hall, I was very pleased indeed.

A wedding is definitely the happiest time for all the family to get together.  Richard’s parents have flown in all the way from the Middle East to attend the wedding.  Here are some of my favourites from the day.

Matfen Hall Wedding,Northumberland

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I have to admit that I am well behind updating my blog.  It is because I have been ill constantly because of fever and flu.   I think I’ve got to look after myself before the very busy season starts in 2 weeks time (I am excited and I cannot wait!).

As I have promised Ting Ting & Bryan that I would only post their photo slideshow after their wedding, so here it is.  Personally, it is one of my favourite slideshow. In fact, when I was in Rome last week researching on locations before the actual shooting date, and when I walked passed familiar places where the photographs were taken, it brought back memories of the photoshoot.

Ting Ting & Bryan, I hope that you will have a wonderful journey together as husband and wife. I am very happy that you are blessed with great friends and families who were there with you on your big day. Here is the slideshow.

Posted by: kenlam | May 17, 2010

Currently in Santorini, Greece

I am currently in Santorini, Greece for a wedding assignment and I will fly to Rome for another wedding assignment afterwards.  Shirley will frequently check the mailbox.  Please feel free to email us for any information regarding our services.  During this time, please allow up to 2 days before you can hear from us. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Thank you.
Ken & Shirley

P.S. I hope the Volcanic Ash wouldn’t disrupt my plans again this time 🙂

Diana & William -Pre-wedding in Paris

Sneak preview of Pre-wedding in Paris

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This time, I had the opportunity to photograph an Indian wedding which was held in Slaley Hall, Northumberland. It was a truly magical and colourful wedding which was organised by Sumana & Daniel.  I love every single moment during these two-day event.   The most touching moment was to hear the speeches prepared by Sumana’s father and Daniel.  Of course, all the other happy moments are still very vivid in my mind.  However, it is very hard to write everything in the blog.  I think it is better to show it through the photographs below.

I feel very privileged and honoured to be part of the wedding and thank you very much to the both of you for being such a wonderful couple.  You both had given me lots of memorable moments.  Thank you once again.

After Sumana and Daniel came back from their honeymoon, I was surprised to receive an email from them below.


Firstly I would like to give a very big thank you to you for your services on the wedding days.  You had one of the biggest jobs on the day and both Sumana and I think you did an awesome job.  Providing some images for the Saturday night was also great.  Many people have commented to us about the great way you organised the guests and it was another really positive thing about they day as a whole.  Thank you very much indeed

Daniel & Sumana

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Cuby & Samuel – Pre-wedding in Paris

Each time I visit Paris, I learn something new; I learn a little more French, a little more culture, and each time Paris doesn’t disappoint me as it presents me with new places which surprises me.

Paris is a place with infinite beauty and love.  I wonder if it is the beautiful buildings and scenery which helps in creating the perfect mood for love or perhaps it is the “public display of affection” of French people kissing at the café, on the streets, at the airport.  Maybe it is all of these that make Paris the most romantic city in the world.  Paris is also referred to as “La Ville-Lumière” (“The City of Light”), a name it owes first to its fame as a centre of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, and later to its early adoption of street lighting.

This time, my couple is Cuby and Samuel who flew in from Hong Kong.  Cuby has been following my blog for sometime (she told me that she has read every article on my blog!) so when Samuel went down on his knees with 99 roses during a private boat trip, followed by a YES, we find ourselves here in Paris for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Cuby and Samuel, thank you for your constant support.  Hope you like the photographs.

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